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Dell - Data One Governance

Nbiz Infosol as an authorized partner, distributor, and reseller for the Dell Identity Manager – Data Governance Edition Solution will enable every organizations to put controls on the sensitive data access.


Business managers and group owners can review Active Directory group and distribution list attestation using a clear and concise dashboard, as well as produce detailed reports to fulfill discovery and compliance needs. They can also schedule routine or ondemand attestation of Active Directory groups and distribution lists in order to ensure compliance.


Identity Manager - Data Governance Edition protects your organization by giving access control to the business owner rather than the IT staff. The business owner can grant access to sensitive data. With the Identity Manager restricted access functionality, you define access policies for your organization.


You have the power to analyze, approve and fulfill unstructured data access requests to files, folders and shares across NTFS, NAS devices and SharePoint, ensuring that sensitive, unstructured data is only accessible to approved users. Identity Manager automates the request-and-approval workflow, ensuring security and reducing the burden on your IT staff.


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  • Restricted access – Ensures that your organization’s sensitive, unstructured data is only accessible to approved users by enabling you to define access policies; also locks down sensitive data such as files, folders and shares across NAS devices, NTFS and SharePoint.


  • Data owner assignment – Enables you to evaluate usage patterns and read and write access to help you determine and assign the appropriate owner of data for all future access requests.


  • Simplified auditing – Provides you with key information for audit preparations by allowing you to identify user access to enterprise resources such as files, folders and shares across NAS devices, NTFS, and SharePoint.


  • Automated access requests – Enables you to automatically direct access requests from the request portal to the appropriate data owner using built-in workflows, with no burden on your IT staff because approved requests are automatically and correctly fulfilled.


  • Access verification – Enables you to monitor user and resource activity, and configure and schedule a recertification process for data owners to verify and attest to employee access, thus ensuring that only approved users have access to specific resources.


  • Personalized dashboard – Enables you to view trends, historic and current data access activity, and attestation status on your personalized dashboard, and then allows you to generate compliance reports from that data.


Classification Module: Add-on for Identity Manager-Data Governance Edition helps identify content, manage risk and comply with ease. Even a single loss or mishandling of unstructured data (such as documents, spreadsheets and PDFs) or a single failed audit can have grave consequences: loss of employment, a permanent, resume scar, and loss of customers or revenue for the organization. 




Identity Manager –Data Governance Edition Protect the organization and manage access to data. Many businesses today are at risk due to inadequate data protection. Security and compliance officers are facing increased difficulties in securing sensitive data because they do not have an appropriate access system in place. As a result, compliance falls short, putting companies in jeopardy. 




Identity Manager – Active Directory® Edition Active Directory self-service group management, attestation and governance. In most organizations, IT bears the burden of granting or denying users’ access requests, even though it lacks the information needed to accurately assess the merit of each request. To ensure security and compliance, access decisions should be delegated to the business users who understand the context of the requests—without IT relinquishing control of Active Directory® (AD). 




Identity Manager Streamlining access governance through automated user management and access control. Traditional identity& access management (IAM) frameworks are expensive to build and time-consuming to implement and maintain. They are burdens on most IT departments as IT typically manages all user identity lifecycle management. To meet the varied IAM needs of different business units, IT often works with a disjointed set of narrowly focused tools & relies on manual processes for policy enforcement & security practices. This leaves the environment vulnerable, and makes it difficult to meet SLAs.



Identity Manager, a part of the Dell One Identity products from Dell Software, is a role management solution that enables you to manage complex permission structures simply by implementing roles. Identity Manager intelligently maps your employees’ existing roles into business roles that control permissions and access to IT resources, simplifying identity management and regulatory compliance.

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