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Information Security Soultions

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Application Security

In today’s highly interconnected world, many organizations are enabled by high level of automation. It becomes increasingly necessary and important to review the application security from time to time. The developers in different fields such as Asp.Net, Java, Oracle, PHP, and others are always pressurized to deliver the functionality and features within a limited time and work on multiple projects simultaneously. Hence the mindset and the focus of the application developers are more towards the delivery within the timeframe and and moving towards testing service to release the applications of software production .Sometimes the testing is done only after production and developers discover various bugs because of the lack of time of thorough testing. Rest alone security aspects. If you read the whole scenario carefully, one can easily understand the focus is not enough for secure development.

Application Security

Security auditing or the development and reviewing the security aspects of software or an application being developed is already low priority in different organizations, especially the software houses. The reason being the more you add proper security analysis aspects takes longer time to deliver their applications and also it requires special skill sets are competencies to review the security side of the applications. 

To address application security challenges effectively, organizations need to test entire software and applications hence we can reduce security costs.We Nbiz offers our soultions with best application security with emerging trends  the below trends

  • Access Control
  • Database Security
  • Mobile Security
  • CRM
  • In -House software Developed Application

Evaluation of application security using the below methods

  • Strict ID and Password Protocol
  • Secure Data Transmission and Storage
  • Permissioning and Visibility
  • Strong Authentication
  • Document Locking and Protection

It is being practiced on different organizations, especially when the software development were built in-house. One of the reason being considered during the enhancement on the proper security analysis aspects, it will take a longer time to deliver their applications and also, it requires a special skill sets for the competencies and review the security side of the applications.

To overcome this Nbiz provides you the best soulution for Application security according to your organization evnvironment.Below are the few products where we nbiz  provides the best application security solutions once you engage our services.

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and Web Application Security Consortium (WASC) updates on the latest threats which impair web based applications. This aids developers, security testers and architects to focus on better design and mitigation strategy. OWASP Top 10 has become an industrial norm in assessing Web Applications.

ASP Mobile Security Project is one of the leading projects in mobile application security. It covers mobile security testing, mobile cheatsheet, mobile tools and development guide for mobile applications.

The Mobile Device Management section refers to MDM solutions available with its features and information.

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