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COBIT 5 Foundation Training

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COBIT® (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) is a breakthrough Information Technology (IT) Governance tool that helps in understanding and managing the risks associated with Information and related Technology. COBIT 5 provides a globally accepted framework for reviewing diverse technology platforms across the enterprise. It provides the best practices researched from a host of international standards on auditing and technology.

The COBIT 5 Foundation course is an interactive, classroom-based learning experience. Participants learn about the need for an IT control framework and how COBIT addresses this need by providing a globally accepted IT Governance and control framework. This course explains the elements and supporting materials of the COBIT framework in a logical and example-driven approach for everyone interested in obtaining foundation- level knowledge of COBIT. Though there are no formal prerequisites for this course, but it is recommended that the participants have some experience in the IT Governance domain. It provides a comprehensive framework that assists enterprises in achieving their objectives for the governance and management of enterprise IT. It helps enterprises create optimal value from   IT by maintaining a balance between realizing benefits, and optimizing risk levels and resource use.

COBIT 5 enables IT to be governed and managed in a holistic manner for the entire enterprise, taking in both the full end-to-end business and IT functional areas of responsibility, while considering the IT-related interests of internal and external stakeholders. COBIT 5 is generic and useful for enterprises of all sizes, including commercial, not-for-profit, or public sector.


On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Use COBIT® framework as a tool, which organizations can leverage on for accelerated improvement in the overall IT control environment.
  • To generate immediate benefits from the training program, the IT Department will use it as a platform to implement COBIT® in their respective organizations.
  • To benchmark on certain key IT processes and relevant Control Objectives/Control Practices.
  • IS auditing guidelines for certain key
  • IT processes
  • style="font-size: 14px;"Understand how IT management issues affect organizations.
  • Understand the principles of IT governance, how IT governance helps address IT management issues, and who should be responsible for IT Governance.
  • Understand the need for a control framework driven by the need for IT Governance.
  • Meet the requirement for an IT Governance framework.
  • Use COBIT with other standards and best practices.
  • Understand the COBIT framework and all the components of COBIT, which are control objectives, control practices, management guidelines, and audit guidelines.
  • Understand the benefits of using COBIT. Use the products and support that ITGI provides.
Learning Level:  
3 days

COBIT: Alignment with Other

  • Linking Business Goals, IT Goals, and IT Processes
  • Management Guidelines
  • Control Objectives of COBIT 5
  • Components of Management Guidelines
  • Components of Audit Guidelines
  • Homework Assignments and Sample Exam
  • COBIT – Value, Limitations, Components, and Benefits
  • Linking COBIT and IT Governance
  • Premise and Principle of COBIT
  • The COBIT Cube
  • IT Governance: Definition
  • IT Governance: Responsibility
  • IT Governance: Principles
  • Need for the IT Governance and Control Framework
  • Characteristics of the Control Framework
  • Identify IT Management Issues

Upon completion of the training, participants will be provided a Certificate of Completion / Attendance.

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    IT Auditors /Managers

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    IT Management Consultants

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    IT Quality Professionals

  • doodles

    IT Leadership

  • doodles

    IT Developers

  • doodles

    Process Practitioners and Managers in IT Service-Providing Firms

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    Anyone interested in learning more about COBIT will find value in the COBIT Foundation course and the COBIT Foundation exam.

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    IT Governance Professionals

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