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Mobile Iron

Nbiz Infosol as an authorized partner, distributor, and reseller for the Mobile Iron Solution will enable every organizations to provide an Enterprise Mobility Management. 


MobileIron was founded in 2007 on the belief that mobile is the future – it is not an add-on or a component of an existing infrastructure. We believe that Mobile IT will quickly become the primary means by which corporate applications are deployed and corporate information is accessed. 


Selecting an enterprise mobility management vendor can be a daunting task. There are many vendors claiming to offer a complete solution for Mobile IT. Based on extensive input from our customers and partners, we believe the following framework removes the noise and focuses on what is essential when selecting a mobile infrastructure solution:


  • An experienced and focused vendor, that is purpose built for Mobile IT
  • Comprehensive solution across mobile application management, content management, and device management
  • Partner ecosystem
  • Commitment to customer success


MobileIron can support your current mobile requirements and partner with you over the long term as you become a Mobile First enterprise. 


Mobile First organizations create business processes and applications with the mobile device in mind first. An important aspect of thinking Mobile First is to ensure content is available and secure so that end users can do their jobs with the device of their choice and the experience they expect. 


Customers often follow a similar journey as they transform their businesses to Mobile First. The three main stages of the journey are: securing the devices themselves, enabling apps and content for mobile devices, and finally transforming the business to a Mobile First organization. MobileIron’s Mobile IT platform is the means to the Mobile First end. The Mobile IT platform makes end users productive on a device of their choice while giving IT the peace of mind that corporate content and resources remain secure. MobileIron’s platform helps businesses be successful on their journey to becoming Mobile First.


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Mobile Enterprise Solutions & Strategy


EMM In the Cloud just got better - MobileIron Cloud

MobileIron Cloud provides cloud-based enterprise mobility management, helping customers accelerate the adoption of mobile devices and applications to work faster, smarter and more securely.


With the latest updates to MobileIron Cloud, enterprises can now enjoy greater flexibility and efficiency when driving mobility initiatives, both for the enterprise IT organization as well as users alike. Here are the top 5 things to remember!


Immediate support for Google’s Android for Work: MobileIron Cloud offers immediate support for Android for Work, allowing IT to prevent data loss to untrusted applications, securely deploy native email, calendar and contacts, and greatly simplify Android app management, configuration, and containerization.


  • Expanded support to Windows Phone 8.1: Enterprises now have greater choice in terms of which mobile platform to pursue when driving mobility initiatives. MobileIron Cloud enables secure rollouts of iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.1 devices effortlessly.


  • Enhanced IT Efficiency: MobileIron Cloud has added capabilities that make securing and managing global mobile deployments easier than ever before. BYOD programs can be rolled out more efficiently with greater user privacy, and proactive notifications allow enterprise IT to stay on top of the latest developments and avert security vulnerabilities and emergencies. With these enhancements, and more, MobileIron Cloud allows for more streamlined IT workflows as organizations deploy mobility on a large scale across distributed locations.


  • Secure App tunneling and Data Usage Monitoring in a new Platinum offering: MobileIron Cloud now includes support for MobileIron Tunnel and MobileIron DataView in a new Platinum bundle. With Tunnel’s per app VPN capabilities, enterprises can authorize specific business apps to access corporate resources behind the firewall without any end-user intervention. And, with DataView, IT departments can set data limits and then notify end users, via real time alerts, so that they do not exceed their data plan limits, especially during roaming.


  • MobileIron Cloud meets the most stringent enterprise compliance requirements globally: MobileIron Cloud is the most trusted Mobile IT cloud service in the industry. As part of our commitment to trust and security, MobileIron Cloud satisfies the most strict data security, privacy and protection laws in the world.


  • MobileIron Content Security Service: Delivering Phase Two of Securing the Personal Cloud. The use of mobile devices in the enterprise continues to accelerate. According to IDC, tablets are expected to outsell PCs by 2015. In parallel, there is also an explosion of content & data with a rapidly growing adoption of mobile apps and content for enhanced productivity within enterprises.


The personal cloud is the most persistent data loss threat to the enterprise today because many employees use their own cloud services to store work documents. The MobileIron Content Security Service is the first solution to address this prevalent example of “Shadow IT” by providing both the document-level security and the tight integration into an EMM platform necessary to protect enterprise content across common personal cloud services. This new solution reduces the threat of data loss across on-premise, business cloud, and personal cloud services while continuing to let employees and use the cloud solutions they prefer.


The MobileIron Content Security Service is the first content security solution to separate security controls from data storage methods and allow security to be managed at the document-level across multiple content repositories. The Content Security Service does not lock employees or IT into specific content repositories. Documents are secure even if they are stored in a personal cloud service.

With the proliferation of mobile device usage for business, companies need to make enterprise content accessible to those mobile devices. This content is often stored in SharePoint or other enterprise and personal cloud repositories and shared with others via email.


Users with mobile devices need easy and secure access to the documents that are essential for their work, where they can easily view content, make edits and share that content securely with their colleagues, without compromising corporate data. The challenge lies in the Mobile IT team being able to provide an effortless and intuitive mobile user experience without sacrificing document security.




The personal cloud is the most persistent data loss threat to the enterprise today because many employees use their own cloud services to store work documents. Traditionally, content security solutions functionally link security and storage which requires the migration of work documents to a new content storage repository in order to enforce security policies.


This increases complexity by creating more repositories for the enterprise to manage. Most importantly, this approach does not solve the personal cloud problem because individual users continue to store their work documents, for convenience, in cloud services that IT cannot secure.




The largest companies in the world trust MobileIron as their foundation for Mobile IT. Available as a highly-scalable on-premise or cloud solution, MobileIron was purpose-built to secure and manage mobile apps, docs, and devices.


Mobile is how people work in the post-PC era, but mobile introduces risk, cost, and usability challenges that traditional IT strategies cannot address.




Organizations seeking the agility of the cloud to help them become Mobile First turn to MobileIron Cloud. MobileIron Cloud has been purpose built to provide cloudbased. Enterprise Mobility Management.


This helps end-users unlock the benefits of mobile to work smarter, faster and better while eliminating the chaos of managing and securing mobile devices, applications and content.

As a committed Microsoft partner for mobile device management (MDM), MobileIron provides a purpose-built mobile IT platform that helps enterprises take advantage of Windows Phone 8.1 to achieve their Mobile First ambitions. This document is designed to help IT organizations better understand how MobileIron enables a more manageable and secure experience for Windows Phone users.




Rather than avoid or deny the mobility juggernaut, this guide is designed to help enterprise leaders securely empower mobile users to achieve business transformation. As desktop anti-virus and lockeddown corporate devices lose their relevance in the modern enterprise, companies need new strategies and technologies to confidently move forward on the Mobile First journey.



Enterprises around the world have been searching for a way to securely enable Android™ devices for work, but have shied away from the platform due to ongoing security and fragmentation concerns. Delayed or non-existent Android security patches, malicious app store activity, and other security gaps have led organizations to distrust the platform, particularly those in industries with tight security and compliance requirements.

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