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MOVEit File transfer-IP Switch

Nbiz Infosol as an authorized partner, distributor, and reseller for MOVEit IpSwitch – Secure Managed File Transfer Solution aims to deliver a file transfer technology within the organization.


The File Transfer Solution will enable compliances with any global security related regulations including PCI/DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, SOX, GDP, and BASEL I, II & III.


The organizations internal files are protected while in transfer, using any standard secure HTTPS, FTPS, and SFTP protocols, and even at rest, using FIPS 140-2 validated 256-bit AES encryption. 


It assures and provides guaranteed delivery (non-repudiation, secure file integrity checking, and fail-safe transmission notification), encryption key management, single sign-on from all supported clients (including mobile devices), while eliminating the storage of data in the DMZ. 



The organization will be able to gain a centralized visibility, control and reports for auditing of user while the events log data will be essential for effective compliances. The organization can also integrate it with the existing IT security infrastructure which also provides additional security and reduces administrative overheads cost and responsibilities.


MOVEit File Transfer solution is a very comprehensive automated file transfer system that gives the benefits to the companies the ability to: 


  • Manage all file transfer activities internally and externally from a central location securely.
  • Transfer and share any sensitive business files reliably and securely 24/7.
  • Automate and secure any file-based business processes.
  • Enable employees to easily send files, images, videos through the enhanced outlook plugin.
  • Gain greater visibility, controls and monitoring over file transfer activity.
  • Meet security and compliance requirements of any regulatory authorities.
  • It can be integrated with an existing IT security infrastructure.
  • The organization will have an option to deploy on premise or in the cloud. 


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Single, Secure System for Business-Critical File Transfer

  • Safely sends and transmits sensitive information between employees, business partners, customers, and applications.
  • Exchanges EDI documents over AS2.
  • Supports person-to-person or system-to-system file transfer on the most secured way.


Visibility into all File Transfers between People

  • Logs and collects all file transfer activities in tamper-evident database.
  • Notifications of server events and completed transfers provided to the administrators.
  • Extensive reporting can be generated.
  • Integrates with Syslog.
  • Guest user identification in logs and notifications can be enabled.


Simple User Access

  • Desktop clients include web browser or Microsoft Outlook plugin.
  • Email users can protect sensitive and confidential email messages as well as attachments.
  • Compatibility on the mobile devices including iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.
  • Provides a user single sign-on from all supported clients via SAML 2.0.


Automated Workflow and Tasks

  • Simple user interface to define and managed the automated tasks.
  • Enables a User self-provisioning.
  • Options to send self-archiving.


File Security and Integrity

  • Ensures an encryption during file transport and at rest.
  • Security wizard streamlines security administration lockdown process to manage and protect the files and information.
  • Vulnerability protection enabled to - Support for OWASP Top10.
  • Encryption and protocol rules are applicable to the following: (FTPS, SFTP, SSH, and HTTP/S).
  • Provides a Hardened server settings and OS-independent security.
  • FIPS 140-2 cryptography (NIST certified).
  • Provides and creates a File integrity checking.
  • Monitor and control movement of sensitive data/information via ICAP standard integration to leading DLP software.


Policy Enforcement

  • Provides authentication via IdP, LDAP, Active Directory, ODBC, and Radius databases.
  • Centrally-manage user authentication via SAML 2.0 integration to leading Identity Provider (IdP) systems.
  • Simultaneous authentication against multiple databases.
  • Password policies, including auto-expiration.
  • Rules for IP and user lockout, and blacklisting/ whitelisting.



  • User and group provisioning, access, and permissions.
  • Set user quotas (number of files, storage space).
  • Non-repudiation and guaranteed delivery.
  • Expiration rules of files and folders on server.
  • Creates Virtual folders.



  • CCustom URLs and branding.
  • APIs available for MOVEit File Transfer and MOVEit Central.
  • Professional services available for customization or integration projects.


Deployment Options

  • Available on-premise or in the cloud.


Business Continuity and Scalability On-premise

  • Disaster recovery via integration with Neverfail IT Continuity Engine.
  • Web farm for clustering and load balancing.
  • Failover and high availability.
  • Single-tenant or multi-tenant configurations.
  • Virtualized platform support.
  • Multi-tiered architecture deployment.

MoveIt Ipswitch products allows every organization to meet the compliances and requirements of the file transfer needs of any organization from small scale and departmental categories to global or internationally recognized companies. 


Millions of users and tens of thousands of companies globally uses, proven and tested the MOVEit IpSwitch Managed File Transfer Solution to transfer internally and externally their large files easily, reliably and securely.


MOVEit IpSwitch includes a very flexible architecture designed for horizontal scalability, high availability, fail over and disaster recovery configurations.


It provides and scales to support thousands of users and terabytes of data transfer within a centralized repository. Redundant failover can be achieved and encountered within a single site or geographically disperse datacenter. MOVEit IpSwitch can provide a continuous file transfer operations with loss of service measured in seconds or minutes. The MOVEit IpSwitch can be configured for manual or automated failover and provides the compliances within regulatory authorities and policies requiring data back up to protect against any data loss. 

Product data Sheet

PDF icon IPswitch datasheet.pdf

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