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Spectorsoft 360

Nbiz Infosol as an authorized distributor and reseller for the Spectorsoft  360 Employee Monitoring Software will enable companies to log, retain, review and report on employee activity.


Spector 360 creates a definitive record of an employee’s digital activity, and in doing so provides organizations with the ability to see the context of user actions. 




Avoid Becoming A Statistic


Spector 360 is a comprehensive user activity monitoring solution that enables companies to log, retain, review and report on employee activity. Spector 360 creates a definitive record of an employee’s digital behavior, and in doing so provides organizations with the ability to see the context of user actions.


Using a combination of keyword detection and snapshot playback, Spector 360 monitors, captures and analyzes all PC and Mac computer user or user group activity, including:

  • Email/Webmail
  • Keystrokes Typed
  • Chat/Instant Messages
  • User Activity/Inactivity
  • Websites Visited


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All the features you need in one place: Improve user productivity, get better results and save time with day-to-day tasks.


Snapshot Playback

  • Safeguarding company assets and intellectual property is so crucial, companies might consider installing surveillance cameras pointed at every computer on the company network. A less intrusive, more cost effective and efficient way to deter corporate espionage is to utilize the Snapshot feature within Spector 360 throughout the entire company.


Recording Activity - Record Computer & Internet Activity

  • The cornerstone of Spector 360 is the powerful Client Recorder. Capable of recording a variety of event types simultaneously, the Client Recorder automatically records employee computer activity, providing centralized visibility to computer usage across multiple devices. The Client Recorder can be undetectable or visible to the user, safeguarding company assets without impeding the employee’s workflow.


  • Spector 360 employs two powerful tools within Client Recorder, robust Keyword Detection & Reporting, and information packed Snapshots. Keyword Detection & Reporting allows you to specify words or phrases that might signal an immediate threat to the safety and integrity of your corporate assets. Snapshots compliment Keyword Detection & Reporting, capturing images of computer activity based on a host of monitored events.


While monitoring individual or various groupings of employees, the Client Recorder captures information for the following events:


  • Email
  • File Transfer
  • User Activity/Inactivity
  • Website Visits
  • Online Search
  • Keystrokes
  • Program Activity
  • Network Activity
  • Document Tracking
  • Chat/IM


Investigate Abuse

  • When suspicion of inappropriate or unethical behavior exists, Spector 360 and its powerful User Explorer tool can help investigate the potential impropriety. From reviewing stored Client Recorder Snapshots to analyzing Keyword Alerts, the User Explorer tool empowers you to inspect computer and Internet event data tied to an individual employee, one employee at a time. This tool is perfect for performing spot investigations for anyone in your company.


Global Keyword Search - Chat & Instant Message Usage

  • If you’re curious about the usage of any keyword or phrase in your organization, the Spector 360 Global Keyword Search has the answer. This is valuable when keyword usage comes up that hadn’t been preset in an Alert Profile. Your search can be applied organization-wide, to a specific person, within a set timeframe or even event, and even in a precise type of usage.


Web Filtering

  • With Spector 360 Web Filtering, you can centrally manage and enforce company policy by blocking access to web sites on your Windows and Mac clients based on more than 30 built-in pre-defined categories or customized lists. Create distinct policies for different employees and groups, define web sites that are blocked or allowed, and set up schedules for when these policies will be in effect. Establishing and applying Web Filtering rules is a simple process that can be managed from the Dashboard Management application using an intuitive wizard.


Keyword Search - Keyword Detection & Reporting

  • When it comes to safeguarding your corporate assets, whether employees or intellectual property, being proactive is always better than being reactive. The Spector 360 powerful Keyword Detection keeps you informed when any keywords you specify are detected on a monitored computer, signaling a potential threat to those valuable assets.


  • Activating Keyword Detection within Spector 360 is as simple as making a list of “on alert” keywords. This list is comprised of any of the over 1,200 keywords seeded in Spector 360, or custom keywords unique to your company. Then, Spector 360 continually monitors words typed via keyboard, website URLs visited, emails sent or received, and chat/ IM conversations for these terms. When a keyword or phrase is detected, Spector 360 immediately begins to help you safeguard the company’s assets. Spector 360 collects information regarding the offending keyword, sending an instant keyword alert via email to the specified IT administrator or appropriate manager. Additionally, Client Recorder automatically increases the Snapshot frequency to ensure every detail of the monitored users’ actions is captured as evidence.


Advanced Reporting

  • The Spector 360 Dashboard Reports Tool empowers you to generate professional high-quality management reports on how your employees are using their computers. The Reports Tool provides all the power of the Quick View summary charts in a more traditional presentation format that you can print or email with a click of your mouse.


Control Center & Dashboard

  • Spector 360 makes the configuration and management of employee monitoring simple with two powerful tools, the Control Center and Dashboard. The Control Center allows for remote deployment and management of the Client Recorder on networked computers, as well as the backup and archival of the supplied SQL Database. The Dashboard Tool is responsible for the setting up and maintenance of users authorized to review recorded data, creating and scheduling reports, and more.


Organizations worldwide use Spector 360 to protect their assets; monitor highly privileged users; reduce litigation risk and expense; improve efficiency and productivity, and ensure compliance with company policies. Spector 360 is a comprehensive user activity monitoring solution that enables companies to log, retain, review, and report on employee activity when there is cause to do so. 


Spector 360 creates a definitive record of an employee’s digital behavior, and in doing so provides organizations with the ability to see the context of user actions. Which translates into the answers you need, without high false positive rates, in one easy to use package.


Employers should strongly consider implementing an acceptable use policy or updating one that currently is in effect. The policy’s principal objective should be to inform employees up front about the employer’s expectations for their use of corporate electronic resources and about the employer’s ability through the use of monitoring technology and otherwise to enforce those expectations.



When an investigation is required, the decision to implement an employee monitoring solution is easy. Something triggered the need to look more closely at employee activity. While there is no cookie-cutter approach to employee investigations, Management, HR, and Legal are generally heavily involved and upfront in the decision. The organization has already determined that the balance between the needs of the organization and the privacy of the employee must tilt to the organization.




Unathorized copying of data to these mediums is an easy task - easier in the case of USB drives, but still simple enough in both cases. In July of this year a USB drive (which was within a briefcase) was stolen from the home of an employee of the Oregon Health & Science University that contained over 14,000 records. In this story, the employee wasn't stealing the data, but do note how easy it was for patient information to leave the confines of the employer without their knowledge.




Whether you are the small business owner, head of HR, or in IT, employee investigations are a part of your daily life. In this whitepaper we'll discuss some of the real-world issues businesses face that result in employee investigations, the methodologies used to perform investigations, and then we'll look at why investigating proactively can help.




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