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Recording and Handling Complaints

  • Complaints received from clients might be verbal or written or via e-mail.
  • The Personnel or the Section Head who received the complaint shall forward the details to the Admin Supervisor to record the complaints on Client Complaint Form and Client Complaint Log.
  • The BDE/ Admin Supervisor shall evaluate the validity of the complaint in coordination with the concerned Section Heads.
  • Closing of complaints will take only 3 working days.
  • If the complaint is not genuine, the Section Head/personnel in-charge shall communicate to the client who complained either by phone or in person or email and give appropriate, accurate explanation and try to close the complaint. Once complaint is closed, Admin Supervisor will update the Client Complaint Log.
  • If the complaint is genuine, it shall be subject for further investigation to determine the causes by the concerned Section Heads/Personnel/MR and Admin Supervisor.
  • The complaint shall then be discussed by the team on the appropriate actions or containment actions to take with the approval of the CEO.
  • The concerned personnel shall implement the actions identified in close coordination with his/her Section Head/Admin Supervisor. The results of actions implemented shall be recorded on the Client Complaint Form.
  • The Section Head/ Admin Supervisor, Management Representative and the CEO, shall evaluate the need of corrective actions/preventive actions to ensure that such problems do not recur.
  • Upon the implementation of the corrective action, the Management Representative, Section Heads, and Admin Supervisor shall monitor the effectiveness of corrective action.

Communicating to the customer and closing customer complaint

  • The Section Head or the concerned personnel shall communicate to the customer officially in writing (hard copy or email) the solutions taken to solve the complaints and assure him regarding quality of service.
  • Upon acceptance of the client on the actions taken by NBIZ Infosol, the Section Head or the concerned personnel shall secure a formal acceptance letter or e-mail from the client and update the status of complaint on the Client Complaint Form.
  • The Admin Supervisor shall receive the copy of Client Complaint Form and the client?s formal acceptance letter and close the complaint as appropriate and shall update the Client Complaint Log.
  • The Management Representative shall prepare a Client Complaint report on a yearly basis and analyze trend details shall be included in the Management Review Meeting.